Energy Efficiency with Solar and Battery 

This energy efficient estate is aptly named Bel-Air, as it speaks to the developer’s vision of reducing the average family’s energy footprint and contributes to a world with ‘beautiful air’.

The original vision came from a meeting in 2011 when we discovered that one of the developer’s kids had taken her crayons to a preliminary site plan and drawn lots of trees, solar panels and a very happy sun.  What followed was a serious conversation about how we can make a difference for all future generations and build communities that speak to longevity and sustainability.

In 2012, we launched one of Australia’s first energy efficient communities and with research help from building material company CSR, we perfected our product.  Bel-Air Estate is our fifth energy efficient community. We remain committed to beautiful air and our future generations.

 There are two main components of energy efficiency, energy generation with storage and energy reduction through construction. 

Solar and Battery System 

Energy Efficient Construction