Smart Home Automation

The Bel-Air estate is at the cutting edge of technology with its smart home automation. The system has been designed to give you streamlined control of your home.

Below is a list of the items that come standard in Bel-Air homes. If you would like to discuss how the system can be customised to your needs once you have moved in, please book an appointment with our onsite expert.

For more automation please also refer to the home security system.



What home automation system would be complete without an iPad? more The iPad comes pre-installed with the Home Automation App.

C-Bus Lighting and eDLT Switches

The home has been wired with C-Bus lighting which allows more for an environment of comfort, convenience, security and energy efficiency within your new home. With the ability to control and manage multiple devices and electrical systems, C-Bus offers a customised and innovative solution to enhance your everyday routine.

2 x eDLT (enhanced Dynamic Labelling Technology) switches are included (pictured left). eDLT provides a sophisticated and user friendly control of your C-Bus System. With the ability to customise the display and buttons, advanced device control and intuitive functionality, the eDLT offers fantastic features and benefits that will enhance and complement your lifestyle.

Speaker System

Listen to streamed music from your smart device with two high quality ceiling speakers more which are pre-installed and operated via the HomeTouch App.

Long Range WiFi

There is a long range WiFi point located upstairs to meet all your WiFi and automation needs.

It comes standard with the ability to control the lights and Sonos speakers in your home.

It can be customised to work with your home entertainment system, Foxtel, automated blinds and more. Book an appointment with our expert to find out more.