Home Performance

Can you imagine buying a new car that looks fantastic but drives as if it was manufactured 15 years ago?

Over 15 years ago, the government changed the minimum thermal performance requirements for home building in NSW. Most homes are still built to these minimal standards. This is why in most new homes you can feel cold draughts in winter and oven-hot temperatures in summer.


At Bel-Air we believe in continuous improvement. Spanning 7 years’ research and development into thermal performance, we have discovered how to build homes that act similar to a Thermos or Esky. Warmth is contained inside during the cold winter months and in summer the amount of heat entering your home is reduced, taking the load off your heating/cooling and lowering your power bills.


  • Decreased need for heating/cooling
  • Decreased energy bills
  • More comfortable temperatures inside
  • Better sound proofing

To see the results of our temperature study, click here Winter at Bel-Air 


Explore Bel-Air’s Home Performance System

Window System

Viridian ThermoTech Double Glazed Windows

Glass is an excellent conductor of heat. If it is cold outside more you feel the cold through the windows and in summer you will feel the heat. Bel-Air uses Viridian ThermoTech double glazed windows with argon gas which greatly reduces this effect. Used extensively throughout Europe, double glazed windows have two glass panels separated by argon gas to work together to reduce heat and cold transfer. Click the image for more information.

Trend Synergy Frames

The windows also feature Trend Synergy frames which are made with patented more ERP technology that stops heat and cold transfer. The windows also lock, providing excellent security. Click the image for more information.

Windows Sealed with Expanding Foam

Standard window installation leaves a gap between more the wall and the window frame, which is then covered with a timber architrave. This gap allows heat and cold transfer. In Bel-Air we close this gap with special expanding foam which reduces heat and cold transfer.


Wall System

Bradford Gold High Performance Wall Batts

The 90mm treated timber frame is filled with Bradford Gold R2.5 wall batts more which are specifically designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and energy efficiency for your family by insulating your home from the elements. Bradford batts carry a 70-year warranty, are non-combustible, low allergen and reduce external noise. To learn more about Bradford Gold Batts, click on the image.


Wall Wrap Barrier

The wall wrap barrier combines the benefits of reflective thermal insulation more with superior weather protection, enhancing your home’s thermal performance. The wall wrap also reduces moisture and penetration of dust and wind, which is better for health. Click the image for more information.


Roof System

Bradford Gold Ceiling Batts

The roof is lined with Bradford Gold R5.0 ceiling batts more which has a superior R rating, providing better thermal performance. Bradford batts carry a 70 year warranty, are non-combustible, low allergen and reduce external noise. Click image for more information on Bradford Gold Batts.

Roof Sarking

The roof tiles are installed over a sarking layer which helps protect more the roof cavity from entry of storm driven rain, reduces draughts, dust and mould growth.

Edmonds Windmaster

Works hand-in-hand with insulation and draught control to more improve the thermal performance of your home. It helps your insulation work even more effectively, by exhausting the hot air that can build up in your roof space, which can reach temperatures as high as 70°C. It also expels damp air, minimising the effects of mould and creating a safer home for allergy sufferers.

Eave Vents

Eaves are fitted with vents which are designed to work in conjunction more with roof vents, to allow cool fresh air to be drawn into the roof space.


Whisper Quiet

The window, wall and roof systems all work together to minimise more external sound transfer. This is further enhanced by a solid core front door. Additionally, solid internal doors minimise internal noise transfer. Visit the sales centre home at Kellyville and hear the difference.


Low energy electrical items

Energy Efficient Ducted Air-Conditioning

The air-conditioning unit works on single phase power and more runs on such a small amount of energy, that at times it is possible to run it completely off the grid, relying only on the solar power system.

Low Energy Lighting Systems

Installation and use of low voltage lights maintain the appeal more and functionality of your lighting without the ongoing expenses of old technology lights.

Rheem Instantaneous Hot Water

Continuous flow water heater delivers hot water that never runs out more because it heats water only when you need it. It works differently to traditional storage water heaters, only heating on demand rather than heating and storing water until needed, saving costs.

Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan installed to your living room makes your home more more comfortable through air circulation, reducing the need for air conditioning.