Kitchen Appliances

We are proud to present an estate featuring one of the most longstanding trusted brands in kitchen appliances, Miele. Established in 1899, Miele’s clean lines and timeless elegance is the enviable hero of the Bel-Air kitchen. 

Miele has become a leader in kitchen appliances with their ‘forever better’ promise, testing their products for the equivalent of 20 years use. Miele is focused on excellent results with the lowest possible energy consumption. Miele continues to win awards for design, performance and notably their fast and efficient after sales service. 

All Miele products carry a 2 year warranty.


Miele Oven

Lots of versatility with this 76-litre capacity oven featuring defrost, gentle bake, grill, fan plus, intensive bake, conventional heat, bottom heat and fan grill. Cool front technology keeps the oven door cool to touch, keeping loved ones safe.

The oven is a breeze to clean with Miele’s PerfectClean finish, which is a patented surface finish with unique non-stick properties. Persistent soiling is easily removed using water with a dash of washing-up liquid and a sponge. In addition, it also has a catalytic enamel panel at the back of the oven which allows roasting grease residue to be continuously broken down during baking, keeping cleaning to a minimum. Your finger prints are virtually invisible with Miele’s high-grade stainless-steel ‘CleanSteel’ finish.


Miele Cooktop

The Miele 900mm wide stainless steel cooktop is particularly versatile with 5 burners including 2 dual woks.  For safety, it features Miele’s GasStop which stops the gas if the flame blows out. It’s easy to clean with Miele’s PerfectClean patented surface.


Miele Dishwasher

The Miele dishwasher is designed to save up to 40% more electricity. It features easy loading and unloading.  Its cutlery tray, designed so items don’t touch each other, food deposits are removed completely and the cutlery is dried perfectly. The door is easy to open and stays open in any position. The dishwasher has been tested to the equivalent of 20 years use.


Miele Microwave Oven

The Miele built-in high grade stainless-steel, CleanSteel microwave oven comes with automatic programmes for perfect defrosting and cooking. You can set multi-level sequences in one step with the Memory function. Food remains ready to serve, thanks to the “keeping warm” function. Power levels from 80 – 900W, a unique function is the availability of adjustable temperature variations to allow for a variety of cuisine.