Trend Synergy Awning Windows

Contemporary design awning windows maximise space and light and open up your home to the easy living Australian way of life.


  • Slimline, strong, 48mm aluminium frame
  • Key Lock Chain Winder mechanism designed specifically for high performance, security and reliability and stops the window slamming unexpectedly
  • Stainless steel chain standard for long life and reliability.
  • Window mechanism mounted securely to window with a 2-point fixing
  • Black colour key lock standard for added security
  • Weather protection
  • Continuous hinge hood
  • Sash Corner Protection. Bottom rail sash corners protected by custom nylon covers
  • Xtreme rating up to to BAL-40 (Bushfire Attack Level 40) available.

Double Glazing

The space between two pieces of glass are filled with argon gas to achieve excellent thermal and acoustics benefits.

The home owner is provided with 2 key benefits from the use of double glazing:

1. Feeling more comfortable in your home all year round – Thermal Benefits

  • Warmer house in winter
  • Cooler house in summer
  • Less reliance on artificial heating and cooling
  • Improved overall comfort within their home

2. Blocking out the noise – Acoustics Benefits

  • Reduces external noise 
  • Allows you to retreat from the outside world when within your home, providing a relaxed interior atmosphere.