Winter In Bel-Air


Bel-Air’s Home Performance Technology

  • Creates a more consistent comfortable temperature throughout winter
  • Reduces heating bills
  • Creates a healthier living environment


Result Highlights

  • We found a winter temperature variation^ of just 5.7˚C inside the home (without the use of heating), compared to a temperature variation of 16.9˚C outside the home.
  • During winter’s coldest mornings when it was less than 3.4˚C outside on average it was 12˚C warmer inside* (without the use of heating).


The Study

We have been monitoring the temperature inside and outside of the sales centre home at Bel-Air this winter and the results are outstanding. We wanted to test how well our ‘Home Comfort’ technology worked during the dead of winter, during the coldest part of the day, morning.





When we compared the outside temperature with the inside temperature at 7am, we found that the inside temperature varied by just 5.7˚C, compared to the outside temperature which varied by 16.9˚C.

The inside temperature remained quite consistently comfortable day after day, despite large temperature variations outside.

On the coldest day recorded outside at 0.7˚C, it was 13 degrees warmer inside at 13.7˚C, without the use of heating.


So how does ‘Home Comfort’ technology work over the course of a day?



At 7am the temperature is an average of 12 degrees warmer inside the home on winter’s coldest days*.

You will also notice that the difference in outside temperature and inside temperature diminishes as the day heats up. This is the way the technology works, it primarily effects the extremes in temperature. So in winter heating costs are dramatically reduced.

In summer, the technology works in reverse. It minimises the impact of high outside temperatures, keeping the inside temperatures comfortable.


Complete data available upon request at our sales centre home.


^Winter temperatures 1st June to 22nd July 2018 as measured at 7am by Netatmo weather stations at Bel-Air Sales Centre Home, lot 28 Bel-Air, 30 Memorial Ave, Kellyville.

*The coldest 8 days as measured at 7am by Netatmo weather stations at Bel-Air Sales Centre Home, lot 28 Bel-Air, 148 Rutherford Avenue, Kellyville between 1st June to 22nd July 2018.